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 Does your office have a kitchen? These are 5 kitchen cleaning tips.

It is more than likely that your office has a kitchen or a dining room, also called an office. Where employees can eat the food, they bring from home right there.

kitchen cleaning
An hispanic woman from a professional cleaning service the counter of a corporate kitchen or break room.

It is a very popular space at lunchtime and with intermittent traffic during the day. Since coffee, breaks are surely also held there.

Has it surprised you how quickly this space gets dirty?

Keep in mind that there are many people handling food. May not be as careful as they would be if they were eating at home. When not only one person does it, but the vast majority of the office does it, the kitchen can become real chaos.

Today we want to give you a series of tips that will help you keep your office kitchen clean.

#1 Daily cleaning

Cleaning the office kitchen at least once a day is necessary. If the movement of people is too high, consider a second kitchen cleaning that may not be as deep.

But it is important that this space is clean. Since it is where the employees have to eat and they need a minimum of hygiene to do so.

We should not do this daily kitchen cleaning at meal times but is best done when eating shifts are over.

#2 The fridge

Clean the fridge? But if there is only employee food in there!


Do not trust yourself, because, in the kitchen refrigerators of almost any office, a forgotten lunch box. A piece of fruit in a state of decomposition always ends up appearing.

Ideally, there should be an established rule in view of all staff. For example: “we will empty The fridge every Friday afternoon for hygiene reasons.”

Thus, every Friday the fridge is thoroughly reviewed and everything that has been left without an owner is thrown away. You avoid getting to where there are bad smells and that affects the rest of the food.

You will also save yourself a lot of complaints about it because lunchtime is free time for employees. That is highly valued.

Use a specific product and a damp cloth to clean the shelves of the fridge. Thus remove any remaining food and all kinds of odors.

#3 Kitchen cleaning: The sink

The sink is made available for employees to wash their lunch boxes after eating. can end up neglected and seem like a garbage can.

It is a place where a lot of food accumulates and it is very common for employees to think that the previous colleague has left it for them and therefore they will not pick it up.

It is necessary to clean the sink drain at the end of the meal shift to prevent blockages.

And not only that. If there is kitchenware that is available for use by employees, we assume that someone will leave cutlery or dish without washing even if they should not do it.

#4 Kitchen cleaning: The microwave

There is no kitchen in an office that does not have one. And it is quite common for a queue to form to heat the Tupperware.

Well, get ready to find everything in there, especially food splashed of all kinds and possibly also burned.

And it doesn’t matter that protective plastic is available for employees to heat food; many people won’t use it and besides, it will also end up dirty after many uses.

Kitchen cleaning the microwave every day is key to a longer life of the microwave so that heating food does not become a biohazard for employees.

#5 Kitchen cleaning: Furniture, floor, and garbage

The ideal time to clean tables, chairs, and any countertops are the afternoon, which is when the space will have been used the most and probably the dirtiest it will be.

Use products that are intended for the different materials available to maximize their useful life, as well as not to create any atmosphere of irritating or annoying odors for employees. If you use bleach, try to rinse it well to avoid staining anyone’s clothes.

And of course, change the garbage bag every day, since the accumulation of food that goes bad can cause very unpleasant odors.

The key is to delegate Kitchen cleaning:

That all the common spaces of your office need maintenance and are a reality in which you probably do not have time to invest.

At SCS Group we are office kitchen cleaning specialists, and we take care of everything. Contact us to request a quote without commitment whenever you want.


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